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We do your post-processing | cutting • powder removal


It´s a competent addition to a future oriented technology.

Products are created during laser melting by adding - layer by layer under the precision laser from CAD data records and one-component powder materials. „Applying instead of ablating“ is the innovative way tot he finished economic result.

This technology not only allows completely new freedoms (liberties) and ways in the production of qualitatively outstanding components from a variety of weldable metallic starting products. The beam melting allows the implementation of arbitrarily complex geometries. An advantage that not only pays off the production of unique items, but also, for example, optimally optimizes the step from prototype to serial production both qualitatively and eco-nomically.

And this is where we come in.

Our sawing program completes finishing in laser melting with outstanding quality and unrivalled economic efficiency.

And is thus considerably faster than the conventional wire eroding machines. Rapid makeready times and significantly lower procurement costs give you a competitive edge and make the cash register smile.

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Klaeger offers you many advantages
  • Developed sawing machine just for the requierements of 3D printing parts
  • Cutting solution to separate the parts from their baseplates.
  • Suction system for a safety and healthy working, according to the ATEX guideline (Zone22)
    Incl. spark traps, 3 compartement filtration and water separator
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for all baseplates and AM materials
    • from 90x90x90 mm
    • up to 800x400x500 mm
  • Experience with all materials:
    • inconel 718/625
    • titanium
    • aluminium
    • stainless steel (SS420, 1.4404)

for the following areas:

  • aerospace
  • automotive
  • Dental
  • medizinen
  • tools
  • jewellery

machine concepts for all baseplate sizes

  • safety cutting
  • precise cutting, less postprocessing
  • easy and quick procedure
  • from 90x90x90 mm
  • up to 800x400 mm

machines for all materials:

  • inconel 718/625
  • stainless steel
  • aluminium (Als1OMG,AIS9Cu3)
  • titanium (TI64)
  • cobald chrome (CoCr1)
  • gold, silver, special alloys
  • remanium alloys


Cutting technologies comparison
Klaeger saw
Wire eroding machine
Acquisition cost
Klaeger saw
Wire eroding machine
Maintenance costs
Klaeger saw
Wire eroding machine
Klaeger saw
Easy to operate
Wire eroding machine
Trained personal needed
Cutting time
Klaeger saw
5-20 min
Wire eroding machine
240 –400 min
Cutting Channel
Klaeger saw
Approx. 2 mm
Wire eroding machine
Approx 0,5 –1 mm
Cost per Cut
Klaeger saw
Approx. 20-60 €
Wire eroding machine
Approx. 350 –900 €

Process steps in the additive manufacturing

Most Additive manufacturing processes especially metal laser melting require strategies for further work after the printing processes. Starting from separating build plate and part in a safe, quick an economic way until the finishing process of each part.
3D CAD model
Cleaning and heat treatment
Separation process
of base plate
Cleaning and
reinigung veredelung
We treat a wide range of materials
  • stainless steels
  • warm work tool steels
  • stainless hot-forming steels
  • aluminium alloys
  • nickel-based alloys
  • pure titanium
  • cobalt chromium alloys
  • bronze alloys
  • precious metal alloys
  • bitron 300

    • Twin-pillar semi-automatic-bandsaw
    • Made for the cutting process for the additive manufacturing
    • Three-phase current 400V/50Hz
    • For based plate dimensions until 305x305 mm
    Technical data
    • Work area 90°; 300 x 300 mm; 300 mm
    • Power 3,0 kW
    • Cutting speed : from 15 to 100 m/min.
      Controlled electronically
    • Saw blade dimensions 3950x34x1,1mm
    Dimensions and weight
    • Dimensions LxBxH 2000 x 1100 x 1700 mm
    • Weight-net 950 kg
    • Weight-gross 1.150 Kg
  • vbs 800

    VBS800-3D Cut
    • Vertical bandsaw
    • Made for the cutting process for the additive manufacturing
    • For based plate dimensions until 800x400 mm
    Technical Data
    • Cutting width 800 mm
    • Cutting height 530 mm
    • Table with electrically movable feed 1090 x 1200 mm
    • saw band dimensions 5060 x 34 x 1.1 mm
    Dimensions and weight
    • Dimensions DxWxH: 2070 x 1620 x 2542 mm
    • Weight-net: 1700 KG
    • Weight-gross 1.800 Kg
  • bitron 300
  • vbs 800

Separating parts from about 50€/baseplate
Free cut analysis? Please click here for your trial test

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