We saw the difference.

We do your post-processing | cutting • powder removal



  • Clamping angle system for infinitely variable substrate plates Adjustment including clamping device for all sub-substrate plates
  • Specially developed suction device for the excess metal powder residues, respirable or explosive dusts, especially aluminium & titanium alloys
  • Integrated extraction package with ESD protection in conjunction with suction technology Atex Zone 22
  • Highly precise saw feed rate for highest accuracy during the cutting process
  • High-resolution servo drive for maximum dynamics during the cutting process
  • Integrated cut-off channel monitoring
  • Deviation sensors (own cutting process control) to protect the substrate plate and component
  • Integrated pressure monitoring during the sawing process for dynamic detection and control of support and fixed structures
  • Adaptive cutting depth for partial separation of substrate plates
  • component protection by means of lockable component guards including chips and dust sieve
  • Programmable material parameters including pre-defined empirical values
  • K-tronic programming for easy operation during the sawing process
  • Unlike solid material saws, pre-equipped minimum quantity lubrication mist for selected materials

How high can the component be printed? or how high is the Z axis of the saw?

  • bitron220 3D Cut - normally like bitron300
  • bitron300 3D Cut - normally up to 400mm, but expandable by enlarging the suction guard
  • VBS600 SE 3D Cut - table size 500mm Z axis, but is also expandable with larger table

What is the wear of the saw band and how many cuts per band?

We are the only ones with such experiences in the metal sintering industry with all materials and almost all kinds of materials Manufacturers or customers.

  • 60-80 cuts at Inconel/Cobalt Chrome/Titanium
  • 150-200 cuts for tool steel/stainless steel
  • over 200 cuts in aluminium

What is the wear on the saw band due to the powder residues?

  • there is no significant correlation according to tests between the powder and the saw blade wear
  • Other than in wire eroding there are hardly any deviations in the sectional view

What are the experiences with cooling

  • General we saw in dry cut all materials
  • A lot of attempts were made with CoolTool ⇒ Klaeger Minimum quantity lubrication with different results are
    • Titanium worse result
    • stainless steel, Inconel better result
  • ⇒ We recommend installing CoolTool for later use Requirements

How accurate is the precision and the kerf?

  • We saw with approx. 0.1-0.2 mm accuracy in the cutting channel under ideal conditions
  • Because both post-processing is done, we receive a Design of 1.5 mm compared to wire eroding (usually 1mm)
  • The cost for a 250 x 250 x 1.5 "substrate plate is amount to the following:
    • Utilization of installation space approx. 5%
    • Wide support structures are separated
    • According to the industry, construction costs are estimated at approx. 12-30 €, depending on the type of construction. Material use: tendency declining (LAC, Trumpf, Additive Industries, concept laser, EOS)

Do you also ship to the USA, Arabia and China?

  • USA: Yes, we deliver
  • Arabia: Yes, we deliver
  • China: Yes, we deliver

How long is the cutting time?

  • 250x250 plate for aluminium under 1min.
  • 250x250 plate for tool steel/stainless steel under 3 min
  • 250x250 plate at Cobalt Chrome/ Inconel 718 under 4 min.
  • 250x250 plate for titanium under 6 min.
  • To 70% printed at 40% support share (support share can be a support structure or an offset)
  • 800x400 plate for aluminium under 2,5 min
  • 800x400 plate for tool steel/stainless steel under 6 min
  • 800x400 plate at Cobalt Chrome/ Inconel 718 under 7 min.
  • 800x400 plate for titanium under 8,5 min.
  • To 70% printed at 40% support share (support share can be a support structure or an offset)
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